June 9, 2015

About Us

Dulwich Modern are specialists in the renovation and design of Modern era properties. Typically this refers to properties built between the 50’s and the 70’s but a ‘Modern’ aesthetic and design can be used in property of almost any era. We try and stay true to the ideas of modernism in that we use modern ideas and techniques to create places that are perfect for modern living. We’re not ‘retro’ or ‘throwback’ nor were the modernists who designed them in the first place. We appreciate good, classic design as much as the next person but prefer to use it as a pop of interest in interiors rather than trying to recreate the past. We feel the spaces and layouts offered by Modern property represents the golden period for domestic housing. Spaces are much bigger and brighter than the period properties that preceded them. They are also far superior to the small lightweight style housing that has been built since the 80’s. They’re not to everyone’s taste but that generally changes when they view or visit a modernised property.

We generally don’t undertake work for clients, preferring to buy the properties, renovate as we think best and sell as a completed project. This site is just a point of contact but we’re going to document the process a little for each property we undertake. Should you be interested then please get in touch as we’re happy to talk with potential buyers before the properties go to agents and the general market. An up-side of this is that, depending on the construction period, buyers can often specify finishes or have things more tailored to their life and needs.

We’re always happy to chat or give details and we’re not concerned if it sells before or after completion so there’s no harm in dropping us a line. We’re not salesmen so feel free to enquire about any aspect. Equally, if you have a property to sell that you think may be of interest to us (usually Modern era, needs complete renovation or has scope for expansion) then get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for new projects.

We come from a Design background (MA RCA in Industrial Design and B Eng. (Hons) in Building Design) and have accumulated a team of contractors that we like to be around. Building can and should be a rewarding process and we try not to forget that.