Modern era property design and development.

What Makes Us Different

We're not your average design and build company
We specialise in bringing Modern era properties into the modern era.

Modern era property (usually built between around 1950 and 1970 in a, for the time, contemporary style) is becoming increasingly desirable. For us it's the incredibly good spaces and an authenticity and purity of design that no other period of architecture can match - outside of a truly modern architectural new build.

We know these houses make outstanding modern family homes (we live in them - with families) and develop similar properties for the market. We don't do 'retro'; we refurb as the original designers would have intended - with modern high performance materials.

We work mainly around South London, especially Dulwich, where there is a good stock of properties and we're always looking for new properties - so if you have one to sell please get in touch.

  • Extending and rationalising the space

    We makes sure the new layout and spaces work for modern familly life.

  • Good quality simple materials

    We don't use cheap fittings and we do use premium finishes, like polished concrete, when possible.

  • Experience and Knowledge

    We've many years experience in varied design fields (including an MA) and construction (including a BEng). We don't do 'builders houses'.

  • Not dictated to by bottom line

    Each project is treated like our own home; we make choices as users - not a business.

Get in touch

Drop us a line for info, advice or if you have a property to sell.